Wake Up Before Your Wake Up Call

Connect with Yourself, Others, and the Planet.

Wake Up Before Your Wake Up Call is your guidebook for waking up to your life & the world around you right now.


It's time to wake up.

Do you wake up most mornings and go along with the day as usual, taking for granted that things will unfold the way they always have? Do you go through your days on autopilot, with no real thought that something life-changing could happen at any moment? 

By the time we reach our middle years, many of us have established well-worn patterns and habits that no longer serve us -- from what we eat to how we relate to others, to how we take care of our bodies or the environment, to how we express compassion for the whole web of living beings. 

Yet many times our bodies are sending us feelings and sensations meant to wake us up as if from sleepwalking, so that we can be more attuned and alive to our experiences, aligned with our values, and alert to the impulse to change before calamity happens. 

That moment is now. 

It's time to wake up, and I'm here to help!

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Wake Up Before Your Wake Up Call will help you live a more meaningful and engaged life through deeper love, joy, and connection.

My name is Dr. Toni Parker, and I'm a certified Gottman therapist, meditation teacher, psychotherapist, and speaker. I've helped many discover their own potential to lead a more mindful and awakened life.

In Wake Up Before Your Wake Up Call, I'll show you how to identify the signs and teach you proven strategies for tuning in to the telltale whispers and sensations that alert us to when a wake-up call is building. 

Through real-life examples and practical exercises for meditation and self-reflection, Wake Up Before Your Wake Up Call unpacks the five pillars of waking up:  

  • Body Sensation Awareness 
  • Mind Kindness 
  • Emotional Equanimity 
  • Self-Compassion 
  • Waking Up to the World  

This self-awareness and strength to stay in the present moment, see and accept a situation for what it is allows us to move forward differently—awake, centered, and prepared for the smallest experiences and the biggest changes in life.  

I'm so excited to begin this journey with you. 

Are you ready to wake up?

Are You Ready to Wake Up?

Waking up takes practice. It involves the body, the mind, and the spirit. It involves paying attention to ourselves, attending to each other with care and focus, and reaching outside ourselves to connect with the wider world that needs our gifts and talents (and that shifts our attention from our own suffering).  

So many of us feel as though we’re going through the motions in life. We feel stuck and unexcited or anxious and depressed. We’re cemented in routines. Some of us have become ill and only realized after the fact that our bodies had been giving us clues that something was wrong but we ignored the warnings. It’s easy to do that. Life puts so many demands on us that we can become masterful at pushing aside our own needs and rationalizing why we’re doing so. Or pushing off the calls of those around us. But who wants to sleepwalk through life like that?  

Sure, not every missed hunch or ignored intuitive nudge is fatal. We have hunches about people, politics, real estate, news, and sporting events all the time, and no real harm comes from overlooking them. And that’s part of why we tend to get lazy about answering the call. It’s hard to sort out the important messages from the everyday ones. Sometimes our hunches are off the mark. Waking up is not about acting every time a lightbulb turns on. It’s about developing our capacity for discernment. It’s about paying attention, respecting our thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations and the messages they are sending us. 

Throughout this book, we’ll be looking at how to wake up without becoming overwhelmed with worry that we’re missing our call.  


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